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Joyful Living!

Integrative Medicine in Georgetown, Texas

with Dr. Lori L. Palazzo


Dr. Lori L. Palazzo founded Dr. Palazzo's Joyful Living to give people a choice in their healthcare and provide a real and honest patient to physician relationship. She prides herself on educating the public about the current model of “sick care” and how it is failing us, as seen by the rising rates of chronic diseases.


While traditional medicine and drugs might be needed, Dr. Palazzo understands that every individual is biochemically and genetically unique. Through studying and practicing functional medicine, she has found that the answer often lies in changing a patient's lifestyle and diet. 


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"Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food."

Greek Physician Hippocrates

The Joyful Living Secret

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Learn how to get the best sleep of your life!

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Learn how to think with the best mindset.

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Learn how to eat with the right foods for you.



Learn how to move each day with exercise you enjoy.

Doctor Examining Patient

Dr. Palazzo was my physician for five years. I thoroughly trusted Dr. Palazzo who was very thorough during her examinations. She was extremely professional, listened, and was very
sensitive to my issues. She went out of her way to answer all questions in a manner I could understand.

Dr. Palazzo ran her practice in a very professional and efficient manner. Her staff was excellent with appointments and short wait times. Dr. Palazzo has a sense of humor and is very pleasant. She is also firm when necessary to encourage one to follow instructions.

— Bill S., Georgetown Texas

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​I had seen multiple doctors multiple times trying to figure out what was causing some very frustrating symptoms. In my initial visit with Dr. Palazzo she took more time with me than my
other doctors had; she was very thorough and she listened well, and after lab work she gave me a preliminary diagnosis but referred me to a specialist for confirmation.


Her diagnosis was
correct. After years of difficulty my health and quality of life improved dramatically as a result of Dr. Palazzo’s care and expertise.

— Dana H.

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