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The Joyful Living Story

Dr. Lori L. Palazzo founded Dr. Palazzo's Joyful Living to give people a choice in their healthcare and provide a real and honest patient to physician relationship. She prides herself on educating the public about the current model of “sick care” and how it is failing us, as seen by the rising rates of chronic diseases. While traditional medicine and drugs might be needed, Dr. Palazzo understands that every individual is biochemically and genetically unique. Through studying and practicing functional medicine, she has found that the answer often lies in changing a patient's lifestyle and diet.


Through Dr. Palazzo's Joyful Living, Dr. Palazzo will assist in healing through her dedication to learning from her patients, sharpening her skills with their feedback and continually searching for answers in both medical literature and patient experiences during her extended one on one time with them. She will engage in detailed discussions with her patients to listen to their life history, probing for what’s behind their symptoms and even their disease.  As a dedicated physician, she will stand alongside each and every patient, mentoring them and encouraging them as they begin and continue on their journey to a joyful life. 

"Each patient carries his own doctor inside him."

Physician Albert Schweitzer


About Dr. Lori L. Palazzo

I am a board certified internal medicine specialist who has been practicing for over 25 years with extensive training in functional medicine, bioidentical hormones, as well as becoming certified in Plant Based Nutrition. I believe that being a healer is my God given gift and that I must honor Him as I help others by practicing functional medicine. My practice uses natural methods to heal the illness rather than simply prescribing medicine to stop its symptoms. We are all created as unique individuals that require customized care and specialized attention. There should never be “one size fits all” in the world of healing.


I have made it my mission to stay informed on new topics in functional medicine while keeping a common sense approach to healing. There is an overabundance of information regarding natural medicine and healing on the Internet, and some is false or even life threatening. A supplement or lab testing isn't right for everyone. Instead, I have seen firsthand the miraculous power of changing one’s lifestyle to reverse and eliminate disease without drugs or procedures. Through Dr. Palazzo's Joyful Living, I hope to educate, empower and accompany you on your journey to better health, restoring your Joy in living in the process. 

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