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  • Can Dr. Palazzo be my primary care doctor?
    Dr. Palazzo will not be doing primary care medicine. Her practice centers around prevention, wellness, and lifestyle changes that will lead to remission or minimizing symptoms of disease. It is recommended that you keep your primary care doctor for any acute medical needs.
  • Can I bring in labs or test results from other providers?
    Yes, Dr. Palazzo strongly encourages labs and test results from previous providers on your first scheduled meeting during the program. This will provide a baseline of your health status and help start your journey to better health.
  • Does Dr. Palazzo's Joyful Living accept insurance?
    No, Dr. Palazzo;s Joyful Living does NOT accept insurance because the functional medicine programs are not covered by any traditional health plans.
  • Does Dr. Palazzo prescribe bioidentical hormones or other medications?
    Dr. Palazzo is trained in bioidentical hormones and will prescribe them or other medications if necessary.
  • Will I be able to reach Dr. Palazzo directly with any questions or concerns about my program?
    If you are enrolled in a program with Dr. Palazzo's Joyful Living, Dr. Palazzo will be available during normal working hours to answer any questions or concerns about your program. She will not be available on weekends or evenings.
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